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Business Highlight Series

The Greenhouse is launching a 2023 Business Highlight Direct Mail Series to help small businesses gain the exposure they need to grow and thrive.

Big Exposure for Small Business

The 2023 Business Highlight Direct Mail Series reaches over 6,000 households in Fenton and Grand Blanc and highlights up to 11 small businesses per month.



The mailer is a double-sided high-gloss print that measures 8.5" x 11" (the size of a sheet of copy paper). 

Each ad space on the mailer is 4.23" tall by 3.66" wide (slightly larger than a standard post-it note).


The goal of the mailer is to give small businesses the opportunity to do BIG advertising without footing a huge bill.

We split the cost of the mailer between 11 businesses, making it a much more affordable advertising option.

Each ad space is $300 (doing a direct mail ad this size would generally cost an individual business over $3,000).


1. First, sign your business up to be considered for the series using the form at the bottom of this page.

2. Then, we'll reach out to you and place you on the most relevant mailer we're doing to get your business the best results.

3. Submit your ad! The Greenhouse offers free design services to help you create a beautiful, eye-catching ad. You are also welcome to design your own ad and submit the artwork to us prior to us test printing the full mailer.

4. Get ready for more business! The mailer will be sent out with your ad on it to over 6,000 local households so be ready!

Join The Business Highlight Series

Join The Series!
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