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Most commonly derived from the chamomile plant, and known for its pleasant, sweet and floral aroma, Bisabolol is found in many cannabis strains. Hence, it is also one of the main components in chamomile essential oil. Found in many skincare products, Bisabolol’s soothing and relaxing properties have been used for centuries as a balm or topical. In cannabis, the terpene’s calming effects trigger an immediate olfactory sensation, similar to aromatherapy. 

Try these cultivars: Gorilla Puff, Mandarin Cookies, GMO



A floral terpene, Geraniol has an intoxicating sweet smell, similar to roses. It can be found in the geraniums in your garden, along with lemons, perfumes and other cosmetics. It is also an effective, natural mosquito repellant. Research and testimonials suggest Geraniol can act as a neuroprotective, anti-fungal, and anti-tumor.

Try these cultivars: Electric Lemon G, Mimosa



A strong contributor to the tell-tale “earthy” aroma of cannabis, Humulene is also present in hops, coriander, sage, and cloves. Humulene is critical in cannabis's aromatic profile, but it usually occurs in smaller quantities, rather than as a predominant fragrance. Think of it as an undertone that fills the palate with earthy nuances a few seconds after exhaling. Research and testimonials suggest it can act as a potent anti-inflammatory with anti-cancer attributes.

Try these cultivars: Peanut Butter Breath, Ice Cream Cake, Electric Lemon G

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